Black Dog Syndrome

We are often asked if there is such a thing as “Black Dog Syndrome”.  The answer is an overwhelming YES!1891146_10152252411438945_1998602286_n

What is Black Dog Syndrome you ask?  Across the country, shelter workers and rescue volunteers all agree that black dogs are often euthanized the most in shelters or adopted last in rescues.  This phenomenon has been coined Black Dog Syndrome and February is Black Dog Awareness Month.   Black Dog Awareness draws attention to this strange occurrence and the dogs that it subjects.1922048_10152252411198945_1211069542_n

We aren’t exactly sure why black dogs are adopted last in rescues or euthanized more often in shelters.  Other than color, there are no differences between the temperament and behavior of dogs based on color.1779244_10152252411598945_942660281_n

Often it is blamed on the fact that black dogs just don’t photograph well, or there are just more black dogs born than other colors.  Some people believe that it is because black dogs look more menacing than lighter colored dogs.  Truth is, no one knows for sure why black dogs are so often overlooked.1001417_10152252411743945_621151252_n

We at Home FurEver are here to set the record straight.  Black dogs are just as amazing as any other color dog!  You can check out our darker colored dogs here:


10. Black dogs are really easy to find in the snow!

9. Dark dog hair doesn’t show up as much as lighter color dog hair

8. You don’t notice when they’re dirty

7.  Black is always in fashion

6. Fancy collars look great on black dogs

5. Black dogs are better at hide and seek

4.  Black doesn’t fade

3.  Will be your best friend no matter what

2.  A black dog will make you look 10 pounds lighter

1.  It feels great to save a life!