New year, new name, hopefully a new family to boot


Hey everyone!! I’m Eve. They call me this because my old family moved away without me, and the nice neighbor lady was feeding me until New Year’s Eve. It was going to get really cold that night, so she called and some nice people came and picked me up.1

The first night in my foster parent’s house they let me sleep with them in their big bed, and my foster mom laughed all night because every couple hours I would wake up and jump around on the bed then cuddle up really close to her. Boy do I like being part of a family again.1619586_10151958237631200_201308560_n

She says I’m a big goof ball because I just LOVE to cuddle, which means laying right on top of you, right?? I also a have a baby foster sister here (she doesn’t have hair like me), and I look out for her like a good big sister would, right?1779752_10151958237656200_364641643_n

I also have 3 foster fur-siblings that I LOVE to play with. We rough house as much as mom lets us, but we also love to cuddle together.2

Everyone that meets me tells me how pretty I am, and says I’m such a “sweetheart.” I don’t know what that means but I think it’s good because they always pet me and let me lick them.4

I love my foster family, but I can’t wait to have a family to call my own. I just want a home that I can cuddle with my people in and a family that hugs me and kisses me good morning and good night every single day.5

Come meet me at one of our adoption events. Are you my FURever family??

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