5 reasons the retractable dog leash is the worst invention, EVER

The hidden dangers of a retractable leash

How often have you been out for a walk and seen someone walking their dog on a retractable leash? Probably a lot, they’re everywhere. Well let’s take a look at the hidden dangers that are associated with those “convenient” retractable leashes.

5 reasons the retractable dog leash is the worst invention, ever

  1. Severe burns: That’s right, you can get a severe friction burns from the thin line of a retractable leash. I can tell you from experience they are painful and take forever to heal. The backs of both of my knees have deep scars left from my friend’s retractable leash line. The dog went after a squirrel and the leash wrapped around my legs, burning the backs of my knees wide open. It took 2 months for this to heal because of where the burn was.leg-400x297
  2. They cut through skin like butter: Have you ever seen an old mobster movie where someone gets axed with a piano wire? Well, those retractable leashes can do the same thing. Imagine accidentally grabbing the thin line of the lead only to have your hand sliced right open.leash injury
  3. Severed tendons in your dog: The skin on a dog’s leg is much thinner than the skin on a human leg. If a dog’s leg gets caught up in a retractable leash line, not only will it slice their skin open, it can potentially cut right though the muscle and tendons of your dog. Possibly even an artery.60619683825898_orig
  4. They break too easily: Quality has nothing to do with cost. These retractable leashes can set you back $50. A total waste of money considering the dangers as well as their horrible quality. I had a friend that had to buy 2 a year because the spring and internal mechanisms would break. Now imagine walking your dog after work. Your dog takes off after a rabbit, the retractable leash breaks and your dog is off chasing the rabbit only to be hit by a car. Tragic end to a well-intended afternoon walk.  There are several documented cases of dogs being hit by cars because of a retractable leash breaking. Several years ago in front of one of our adoption events, a customer of the pet store was trying to walk her beagle back to her car when the retractable leash broke. The dog ran out into traffic on Coolidge Highway and hit kit and killed. NoRetractable
  5. No control over dog: Get back to basics. A standard 6 ft leash is all you need for a walk. This gives you more control over your dog when the unexpected squirrel decides to taunt your dog, the unsupervised neighbor’s dog charges at you, or the ever popular bunny in a bush darts out in front of you.10155408_10202855003229560_4703923939379823620_nKeep your dog and your family safe. Use a 4 or 6 foot leash when walking your dog.